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Our advantages

Our research service has some unique advantages we are proud to announce:

  • We are the first company to proofread every assignment

    Our study shows that over 80% of essays and assignments written by top academics can be improved significantly if proofread by a different person. This makes them truly rounded and standing out. We are the only company who offers this service as a standard feature, because its hard to overestimate the importance of a different and a fresh view contributed by the second reviewer.

  • Easy to choose, easy to use

    Submitting, tracking and managing your assignments has never been easier! The layout of our website is very intuitive, while the dedicated support team will usually initiate a chat with you to help navigating around if you experience any difficulties. You can put your mind at ease and let our experts deal with your assignment.

  • Caring and responsive support anytime

    Our pleasant and responsive customer support team guarantees that you will be given help on any issue, whether you want to discuss your essay or you have a piece of research you need to be advised on. Reaching us is Easy – just call us or press a Live chat button.

  • It is interesting to know...

  • Every month we benchmark our research against our competitors

    We place test orders with other writing companies and critically assess the performance of our researchers against the rest in order to ensure that we do, indeed, provide a better quality of research and advice.

  • We don't take more assignments than we can do on time

    Sometimes, when we are experiencing a large number of orders you will notice that you are unable to place an order. The only reason for this is to ensure the quality and timing of the service, as we would prefer not to put your deadline at risk.

  • We only hire academic researchers who are passionate about their subject

    Whether with Masters or more advanced degrees it is always important for an individual to be passionate about his/her field of expertise. Our researchers always go the extra mile, when it comes to their favourite subject and, knowing that, our managers allocate your assignments accordingly.

  • We are proud of the source of information we have access to

    Any research can only be based on the most recent and original information. We therefore provide our writers with the best sources like Scientific magazines such as the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly.

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